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Sacred Spirits - Winter Ceremony (Howie B Left Foot Mix)

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N01R - Rituals
Matthias Schuster - Ritual Iv
Die Form - Love Is Cold I
Brother Love - Brother Love will blow your mind
E - People Like Us
Slab - Mars on Ice
The Sisterhood - Finland Red, Egypt White
Yello - Life Is a Snowball
The Sisters of Mercy - Driven Like the Snow
Antoine Maiové - Chanson d'automne (cold version) (2011)
Mekanik Kommando - Icefield
avec noir - Xmas noir
Ed Special - Hang Yourself Xmas
Dungeon Broads - Carol O Da Bells All I Want 4 Xmas
Reiky - Last train to Xmas Central
Minutemen - Minutemen - Party With Me Punker
Means - DieHard It's Christmas
Hybrid Kids - Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
AmnesiaAmnesia - Re-uploaded shows RSS

(December, 21st 2014) Suite à ce que j'ai annoncé pour la seconde fois il y a de cela quelques temps déjà concernant le manque de courtoisie de l'hébergeur choisi pour télécharger d'anciennes émissions ( New links to download the shows ), voici un post sur lequel je ferai les ferai figurer, et ce fur et à mesure qu'elles seront de nouveau disponibles. ... Read more
Synthetic WaveSynthetic Wave - Desire Records: Statiqbloom / Zex Model- Split LP RSS

(December, 20th 2014) Brooklyn’s Statiqbloom is the dark hallucinogenic brainchild of Fade Kainer. Drawing from the grittiness of early industrial and EBM, Statiqbloom combines hard dance beats and haunting electronics with disorienting vocals to create a pulsing raw vision of music for today. Kainer has also provided vocals and electronic soundscapes for industrial doom metal band Batillus, and, [...] Read more
The Thing On The DoorstepThe Thing On The Doorstep - Struggler ? It Was A Very Long Conversation But At The End We Didn?t Shake Hands RSS

(December, 20th 2014) Struggler is a post-punk band from Limburg, Belgium. They started  in 1979. Most songs are monotonous without being boring, great mixture of post-punk and coldwave. It Was A Very Long Conversation But At The End We Didn’t Shake Hands was … Continue reading → Read more
Systems of RomanceSystems of Romance - THX- Luv ?N? Trust 12? RSS

(December, 1st 2014) A few weeks ago, I posted an excellent New Beat 7” from Iconoclass, an obscure, but solid genre classic. You guys wanted some more of that sound, so I’m happy to deliver! Thanks to Andi, fellow DJ and co-author of the excellent Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace book for originally turning me on to [...] Read more
Phoenix HairpinsPhoenix Hairpins - The Glass Set RSS

(August, 31st 2014) The Glass Set is an indie / shoegaze band with an 80's postpunk influence from Boston, MA. Their third album "First Image" is to be released early september. Previous albums are "The Glass Set" and "Something Unknown". The Glass Set is Joel Cohen (guitar), Allen Esser (drums) and Lea Callahan (vocals). Leah also sang for Betwixt and Turkish Delight. You can stream / download The Glass Set on their bandcamp page: Read more
Terrible Music (Enfant Terrible Label)Terrible Music (Enfant Terrible Label) - out next: Solitude FX abum and third Gooiland Elektro compilation RSS

(July, 18th 2014) Expected at the end of August are two new releases... one is a full length album by Solitude FX and the other the third Gooiland Elektro compilation... for both releases we worked with Dutch visual artists for the record sleeves... Back in 2007 we released a 10" mini LP with Solitude FX under the alias of Solitairen Effekten... this time we present under the original name ten rather melancholy tracks... but it is not only sadness and solitude these songs have to offer... A full track preview can be heard here... And here you can see how ... Read more