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Les Invalides - Cons?quences - Vive Le Dilettantisme (Musique Dilettantique

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Song History
Violence Conjugale - Blitzkrieg - Violence Conjugale LP (BB042) 2012
Bakterielle Infektion - On Ice - In Grief (GEN035) 2011
Die Lust! - Trasformazione
Die Shadocks - Hochhaus - Motor Im Kopf LP (WSDP 121) 2012
Insektronic - From Earth - V.A. Minimal Baby V CDr (SLCD015
Bernd Schmidt & Klaus Peter Reinicke - Der Tane Auf Dem Vulkan - Zwolf Elf (PHON009) 2008
Popsimonova - Ruby (Tuesday Mix) - V.A. Frogmania Vol.2 (pfr 066) 2013
Neonlichter Im Ausverkauf - Plastique - Neonlichter Im Ausverkauf (Casette) 2011
Waveform - Creep
Delos - Constantly Arranged - V.A. Minimal Baby V CDr (SLCD015
Stratis - Foggy Weather - Mokoyaro 1982
Kevin Lazare - Living On Another Planet - Mutant Generation (vod115
Alone - An Unread Note - An Unread Note 7'' (echo001) 2011
Inox Kapell - Der Hausbock - Werkschoh 2LP (HERTZ9999) 2012
Human Puppets - Things Change Fast - Sounds Of Solitude (ENTMI03) 2011
Kinder Aus Asbest - Space - Inside (DDR003) 2012
In Death It Ends - Vanish - Analog Witch Trials Volume I (a+w iDIE04) 2013
Selofan - A Whimper - Verboten LP (FP010) 2013
Christof Glowalla - Erde 80 - Erde 80 (MR
Synthetic WaveSynthetic Wave - Medical Records: Kline Coma Xero- Self-titled RSS

(July, 30th 2014) Medical Records presents the debut full length release of Kline Coma Xero. A self-titled LP influenced largely by the sterile and isolated iconography of authors such as Philip K. Dick, William Gibson and JG Ballard (from whence the bands name is derived). Formed in 2012, Kline Coma Xero is a group whose work embraces elements [...] Read more
The Thing On The DoorstepThe Thing On The Doorstep - SoliPsiK ? See-Saw RSS

(July, 23rd 2014) This is the last post this month as I’m leaving on holiday this friday until next friday. Excellent 7″ from SoliPsiK one of the many name variations of SPK, the legendary Australian industrial band. One of the more accessible 7″ … Continue reading → Read more
GorishGorish - The Eye in the Triangle: An Interpretation of Aleister Crowley by Israel Regardie RSS

(July, 14th 2014) This is the masterful biography of the Magus Aleister Crowley, written by the one person most qualified to write it. Israel Regardie was a friend and student of Crowley, and served as his personal secretary for some time. In this book, Regardie manages to write a fair and balanced view of Crowley. It is an intelligent and insightful look into Crowley's life, Magick and Mysticism. Dr. Regardie ... Read more
AmnesiaAmnesia - Just another great and minimal show RSS

(July, 12th 2014) "A Means to an End" par Bakterielle Infektion en ouverture de ce nouveau chapitre d?Amnesia, chapitre 15 du second Tome que, pour des raisons diverses et variées, mais toutes manquant de charme et d?érotisme (érotisme dont il sera cependant question prochainement), je n?ai pas eu le temps de beaucoup travailler. Pas de thématique particulière durant cette émission mais, je l?espère, l?occasion pour vous de quelques découvertes musicales, en ce ... Read more
Crispy NuggetsCrispy Nuggets - Artistic Control - Dance With Me (Crispy Edit) RSS

(July, 10th 2014) Created this for my good buddy Kez (Aaah...!, Artistic Control, Imago, etc). The original version of this track was featured back on Crispy Nuggets Vol. 2 -- Hope you enjoy the video! Crispy Nuggets Vol. 6 around the corner...? Read more
Phoenix HairpinsPhoenix Hairpins - Privacy//Policy - This Is Our Mandate RSS

(June, 18th 2014) First album of Privacy//Policy, a young band from Cleveland, Ohio. The three guys got together about a year ago. Main influences are Joy Division and The Jesus And Mary Chain. Their 9 track album can be streamed/downloaded from their Bandcamp page. I also found a page with a band interview on Read more