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Police Des Moeurs - Roles Inverses - V.A. Transmission First Anniversary Compilation (TR

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Song History
Lebanon Hanover - Totally Tot - The World Is Getting Colder LP (FP005) 2012
Cabaret Voltaire - Eyeless Sight (Live)
Victrola - 4. Into His Gloves
Venus in Furs - 021 - Venus in Furs
020 - wardance 7inch
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Into The Light (John Peel Se..
Joy Division - Heart and Soul
Martin Newell - Stars Are Cold
Richard Bone - Nikral Nikral
The Future - Titled U.N
Kraftwerk - Metropolis
Aaah...! - She Melts And Flows
Guyer's Connection - Pogo of Techno
Dicky Design - Echofields
Anika - He Hit Me
Bene Gesserit - Murdered Mother
Thalassa Kollectif - Are You Beush
007 - 1983 - Dead Or Alive
Hohokam - The American Way
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